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Stadium Scene not only helps you find tickets to the big game, but we'll help you figure out how to get to and from the game using the best available rates and tools!

  • Stadiums

    We've researched 160+ of the biggest professional stadiums in baseball, football, basketball, hockey, and soccer in the United States and Canada. Like Auto Racing? We've got your track covered for both NASCAR® and the IndyCar® series.

  • Transportation

    Whether you're driving yourself, taking public transportation, or catching a ride with home with our partner, Lyft, we'll help you get to and from the game.

Bars and Restaurants

We've hand picked our favorite bar and restaurant choices near the stadium. No need to search hundreds of places on one of those other review sites. We constantly research and follow up to make sure that our picks won't let you down.

  • Restaurants

    Looking to dine in or take something to go to eat on the way? We've hand picked 350+ of the best restaurants located near the stadium.

  • Bars

    Want to grab a beer before the game? Maybe a celebratory cocktail afterwards? From dive bars to fancy bars and everything in between, we have it covered. Users must be 21+ to access bar info.


Featured Stadiums

We feature professional stadiums from all over the USA and Canada

Stadium is your best place to check out sports related news that enhances the content of

  • Blog Coverage

    We've visited and toured many stadiums throughout the US and Canada. We post detailed summaries of our experiences along with whatever sports related topics come to our mind.

  • Podcast and Video

    D.J., Kate, and Jillian host the Stadium Scene Podcast and publish video journals of their travels and visits to our various stadium, bars, and restaurants. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Google Play Music

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